TruckClaws™ Commercial Version Tire Traction Aid

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Emergency traction aid for vehicles with a GVW rating of 30,000lbs or more.  2 kits are recommended for larger trucks with large loads. Truck Claws are for commercial use only and are not intended for use on passenger vehicles to include pickup trucks. For lighter vehicles purchase TruckClaws II.

Two claw kit with two straps, two ratchets and a carry bag.



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"Wanted to drop a quick note. Purchased our Truck Claw II's about 2 weeks ago for our Ford Transit 250 and got a chance to use them this week. Worked like a charm.

Those that know the Transit will know that they get stuck quite easily. There aren't a lot of tire options available in the stock ratings and the rear's run about 80psi. Slick icy farm yards leave us stranded on near flat ground regularly. Truck Claws fit the bill perfectly as a quick and easy solution to get us to where we can get moving under our own power." - Dan P.


"I had a situation in my very steep driveway a few days ago after a very heavy snowfall on top of ice. I am wondering how the heck am I going to get unstuck. I had acquired a set of Truck Claws for my F350 but not tried them. So decided to put them on and see if I could get free. Folks I'm over sixty, and was wondering if I could do this. Guess what? Girl power did it. Nobody should be without Truck Claws.......amazing, if I can do it so can anybody. Take a look at them you will be pleasantly surprised. I live in a remote area of Northern Canada, the nearest tow truck is 1 1/2 hours away." - Diane G.


"I rescued an Escalade that was stranded in the middle of the Glamis sand dunes. He was buried up to the frame and had to sleep in his truck overnight. He posted to a group in the morning pleading for help so I grabbed my little red bag of Truck Claws, jumped in a utv, and went searching for him. Upon finding him, the truck claws got him out in under 5 minutes. It's foolish to not have something that can install in seconds that can easily save you hours. In this case if he had these in his truck, it would have been the difference between him making it home or not. When I saw these I knew it was a cool product but after putting them to use, I am a fan for life." - Eric M.


"I strongly recommend this to people all the time. In my line of work we often will have to take some of our trucks off road which more often then not results in them getting stuck. I have used these several times to get some of our trucks unstuck. Definitely a great tool to have!" - Wes M.


"I’ve purchased two sets of these so far for my truck, I’ve saved hundreds in total bills, anybody thinking about buying them, should! Especially if you have a work truck that you use all the time." - Randy C.


"Truck claws are a great way to have peace of mind when traveling off road. snow, mud and sand they will get you unstuck when you need it most! no more crawling under the vehicle in the wet slush and mud to chain up. just strap it on and go." - Wayne W.