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Truck Claws Installation and Warranty

Tire Traction Aid Installation Video

TruckClaws™ (Commercial Tire Traction Aid) and TruckClaws II™ unlike other traction devices including snow chains are simple and quick to install. Having TruckClaws™ II in your vehicle will eliminate the frustration of having to install tire chains or other traction devices which are very difficult to install while stuck unlike TruckClaws™. All TruckClaws™ products are designed to be used to get you unstuck from snow, mud, ice and sand conditions and back on your way. A TruckClaws™ kit should be standard equipment along with your other safety equipment, (Flairs, Flashlight, Spare Tire, Jack etc.). This video will show you the simplicity behind installing TruckClaws™ products. We Get Your Truck Unstuck!

TruckClaws II™ Gets Your Truck Unstuck

The TruckClaws™ tire traction aid have many uses and can be used by installing multiple kits on your vehicle depending on your situation. While most typical situations only require one claw on each side of the drive axle of your vehicle, in extreme conditions and for off road enthusiasts two claws can be strapped on each wheel of the drive axle and you can install them on your front tires of a 4 wheel drive vehicle. You can also purchase our accessory kit of extender bars that will provide you an additional 10″ of traction outside of your tire however you should never install the extender bars on the front wheels of your vehicle. This video will go over the various ways you can use  your TruckClaws™ II.

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