Mike Curry invented TruckClaws™ after he presented his first invention, Zipgripgo, a traction aid for cars, at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas in 2013. TruckClaws™ debuted in February 2015 at the Fire and Rescue Show in Pennsylvania, where it was awarded best invention of the year. TruckClaws™ were recognized as one of the top inventions at the Oil and Gas Field Show in Texas in August 2015. TruckClaws II™ debuted at the 2015 SEMA show and won 3 global awards in the new product showcase
TruckClaws™ are a patent-pending, all-season truck traction aid to help drivers get unstuck, saving them time and the expense of tow truck services. Simple to use and easy to install, TruckClaws™ feature a traction cleat that attaches to a drive tire on the rear of a vehicle with a customized reinforced strap and heavy-duty ratchet. It takes less than 60 seconds to install each claw. The devices can free a truck stuck in mud, snow, ice and sand and may be installed over chains. There are two models of this product, TruckClaws™ and TruckClaws II™.


To learn more about how powerful they are and how easy they are to install see the video of the device in action, visit the Product Info section of this website top of the page, or call (844) 362-5297 for additional details.

Award Winning Traction Aid

Since making its debut in March 2015, TruckClaws draws crowds at every Trade Show or Expo we participate in. According to Alex Debogorski (the Original Ice Road Trucker), “Every Truck Needs a Claw”. TruckClaws is now rapidly becoming the Emergency Tire Traction Aid of choice for not only Commercial Truck Drivers, but First Responders, Sportsman and RV owners.

In March of 2015, TruckClaws were released to the public at the Pittsburgh Fire, Rescue and EMS Expo in Monroeville, PA were the attendees voted TruckClaws top new innovative product for the Fire and Rescue Departments

In July of 2015 TruckClaws were displayed at the Oilfield Expo in San Antonio, Texas and were named top new invention for the oil fields in the San Antonio Business Journal.

In November of 2015 TruckClaws were entered into the New Product Showcase at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV were judges voted TruckClaws to win (3) Global Awards

Inventor Mike Curry has won multiple awards on his Unique Traction Aids, ZipGripGo as well as TruckClaws!

We are extremely proud of the Awards we have received at every trade show and expo. Most of which are voted on by YOU the consumer. We are genuinely humbled by the overwhelming response of the general public. Check back soon as we will continue to update this page as the Awards continue to come in. Until then, “Keep on Trucking” and stay safe out there.