Below are a sampling of Testimonials from actual TruckClaws™ and TruckClaws II™ Customers. We are always very excited to hear about their experiences and how our Patent Pending Emergency Tire Traction Aid helped them get out of some uncomfortable situations.

If you have a story to share, please Email us your TruckClaws™ experience as well.

TruckClaws Gets Interstate Open During Storm Jonas

I purchased TruckClaws from Iowa 80 Truckstop in Walcott Iowa and was traveling in Mechanicsburg PA.  On January 23 2016 in the Blizzard Jonas the road came to a stop a Swift Truck was almost jacked Knifed in the middle of the road and no one could get by.  I got out to help the the Swift driver with my set of TruckClaws and was able to get him going again.  These things really do work!

I am so much of believer in TruckClaws i am going  to purchase myself my second set.  Thanks Guys at TruckClaws!

       Mike Tores of San Angelo TX-

Hunting Trip Saved!

"I was hunting with a friend when we got stuck in a wet area in a corn field. We couldn't move an inch forward or backwards in 4 wheel drive the ground was so soft and slick. He had TruckClaws II in the truck, we install them on the back wheels and were able to get the truck unstuck by backing out of the wet soft ground back to a solid surface. An almost ruined day was saved thanks to TruckClaws, the hunt continued!! I will be buying a set for my truck."
     B Frowen

Fencing Contractor

"As an estate fence contractor, most of my job sites are in remote and no cell service areas. Having TruckClaws behind the seat, now gives me peace of mind getting materials delivered closer to the work area!!"
     Virginia Fence & Farm
      P Herzig

Black Ice

"I was on a nighttime fuel delivery. When I drove down the driveway, I slid, coming to a stop. I didn't realize until then that it was black ice. I used the TruckClaws to back up the driveway. I would have been stuck spinning without the TruckClaws."

      Moore Fuel Company

Buried In Deep Mud

"TruckClaws II have gotten my truck unstuck from conditions I should have never even put my truck through. I was buried in deep mud with the front end of my truck bottomed out, luckily I had two kits with me and when I put TruckClaws on all four tires they got me right out and on my way. I did struggle at first until I disabled my traction control in my truck than it was no problem because I was able to control the speed of my wheels turning and able to let TruckClaws do the work!"

            B Simpson

Stuck On Ice

"I was going to the brick yard to pick up a load when I got stuck on ice in the parking lot. I installed TruckClaws and when I started moving I couldn't believe it TruckClaws broke right through the ice and got me traction down to the asphalt."

           K Moore