What is TruckClaws™?

TruckClaws™ is an emergency traction aid that can be used in mud, snow ice and sand. A TruckClaws™ kit includes two traction claws, which are strapped to the drive tires using a customized, heavy duty ratchet strap.

How long does it take to install?

The average person can install TruckClaws™ in less than 60 seconds per traction claw.

Can TruckClaws™ be installed after the vehicle is stuck?

Yes. Unlike tire chains, TruckClaws™ can be installed after the vehicle is stuck.

Can TruckClaws™ be used for continuous driving?

No. TruckClaws™ should only be used to get your truck unstuck. After your truck is unstuck, stop and remove them immediately.

Can TruckClaws™ be used as a braking aid?

No. TruckClaws™ should not be used as a breaking aid.

Will TruckClaws™ damage my truck?

To avoid damage, verify that there is adequate clearance between the wheel and the inner wheel well and use them according to the instructions.

How many TruckClaws™ do I need?

In most cases, two traction claws, one on each drive tire, are installed. In severe conditions, four traction claws, two on each drive tire, are installed.

Can TruckClaws™ be installed on one tire only?

No. Traction claws should be installed on both left and right drive tires.

Do I need TruckClaws™ if I have tire chains or drop down chains?

Yes. Trucks can still get stuck after chains have been installed. TruckClaws™can be installed over your tire chains so that your truck can move to a location where the chains are functional.

Do we need TruckClaws™ in every vehicle?

Yes. TruckClaws™ saves you time and money because it allows you to get yourself unstuck from most situations that generally require a wrecker.

In which conditions are TruckClaws™ effective?

TruckClaws™ is effective in most conditions, including mud, snow, ice and sand.

Will TruckClaws™ work if I have the smaller holes in my rims?

Yes, you just curl the strap up to thread it through the hole in the rim, then pull it through and it will work the same as the larger holes.

Can TruckClaws™ be used on Super Singles?

No. TruckClaws™ is not designed for use on Super Singles.

If you have any additional questions or would like further information about TruckClaws™ please submit a contact request on our website www.TruckClaws.com or call us at 1-844-362-5297