Emergency traction aid that makes a difference in people’s lives.

We have had countless thank you notes from customers recounting how TruckClaws saved them from dangerous stranded situations. From propane trucks sliding near the edge of a cliff to hunters being stuck in an open field in freezing conditions with not a tree close enough for their winch. You never know when a set of TruckClaws will come in handy for yourself or someone in need! If you have a story about TruckClaws and how it improved your life or even better you used it to help someone else we would love to hear about it. Send us your stories along with a photo of either the situation or yourself with your TruckClaws and your truck to info@truckclaws.com and if we use your story on our website or facebook page we will send you a TruckClaws thank you gift!

TruckClaws Testimonials

A friend and I went out to North Dakota this spring chasing snow geese. The fields were still wet but some were starting to dry out. I was driving my F-250 towing a 7×18 enclosed trailer weighing probably 8,000-10,000 lbs. The ground seemed stable so I began to slowly pull into the field. Not 20 feet in the wheels began to spin and I was stuck. Mind you, this was at 3:30 in the morning. The closest farm with a tractor was 1.5 miles away. I stopped, pulled out my truck claws and strapped them on. The truck backed out while still hooked to the trailer. We got onto the gravel road and walked the gear in.

The truck claws literally saved our hunt that morning. They paid for themselves in one use and I will recommend them to everyone else I know. Thank you for making a great product that actually works.

Justin Diercks

As an estate fence contractor, most of my job sites are in remote and no cell service areas. Having TruckClaws behind the seat, now gives me peace of mind getting materials delivered closer to the work area!!.

P Herzig – Owner Virginia Fence & Farm

I was hunting with a friend when we got stuck in a wet area in a corn field. We couldn’t move an inch forward or backwards in 4 wheel drive the ground was so soft and slick. He had TruckClaws II in the truck, we install them on the back wheels and were able to get the truck unstuck by backing out of the wet soft ground back to a solid surface. An almost ruined day was saved thanks to TruckClaws, the hunt continued!! I will be buying a set for my truck.

B Frowen

I was on a nighttime fuel delivery. When I drove down the driveway, I slid, coming to a stop. I didn’t realize until then that it was black ice. I used the TruckClaws to back up the driveway. I would have been stuck spinning without the TruckClaws.

Moore Fuel Company


I purchased TruckClaws from Iowa 80 Truckstop in Walcott Iowa and was traveling in Mechanicsburg PA.  On January 23 2016 in the Blizzard Jonas the road came to a stop a Swift Truck was almost jacked Knifed in the middle of the road and no one could get by.  I got out to help the the Swift driver with my set of TruckClaws and was able to get him going again.  These things really do work!
I am so much of believer in TruckClaws i am going  to purchase myself my second set.  Thanks Guys at TruckClaws!

Mike ToresSan Angelo, TX.

I was going to the brick yard to pick up a load when I got stuck on ice in the parking lot. I installed TruckClaws and when I started moving I couldn’t believe it TruckClaws broke right through the ice and got me traction down to the asphalt.

K Moore

Just a few days after purchasing a set of Truck Claws at the Sportsmans Show, I had to use them to save a large propane delivery truck that had turned down the wrong road and ended up at our primitive road/drive. We live at 8500′ elevation in the mountains west of Denver and the road had been lightly plowed but still had snow on it. The truck had chains on the rear drive tires and made it up close to our house perched on the mountain side. At a steep narrow section dropping off into a swale, he couldn’t go forward or back – he was polishing the wet snow into ice. Every time he tried to go forward, he slid sideways closer to the edge of the drop off. If just one rear wheel had gone over the edge -he was within 6″- the whole truck loaded with propane would have ended up on its side or upside down.

Given the terrain and snow conditions, a crane would require ideal conditions to be willing to come up and get the truck out which couldn’t have happened till late April.

I ran up to the house and grabbed my new Truck Claws and the driver and I installed them real quick right over his chains. He was dubious but desperate and both of us were amazed at how quickly a serious condition was solved by those Claws. He was able to pull himself forward on this steep section, straighten his wheels and then back around and out of the icy ripped up area he was in. He was a mighty grateful man and I am amazed and pleased with the huge success of your product. 


Bob Carlson

Propane Truck saved by TruckCLaws