Great feedback on getting unstuck in colorado using truckclaws!

Getting unstuck from snow in Colorado

These Truck Claws are awesome! I came across these this summer and figured I would give them a try. We live in Northern Colorado where you can get three feet of snow or three days of rain. We like to push back as far as we can in the mountains pulling our 27’ camper with our Ram 2500 with the 6.7 Cummins. These areas rarely have cell service, and the weather predictions can be unpredictable.

The combination of truck and trailer puts us in the 15,000 – 18,000 lb range and they love to find the very bottom of any soft spot on the road. However, it wasn’t Colorado where the Truck Claws proved themselves. Instead, it was way back in the Gila National Forest in New Mexico. I was on a 5-day elk hunt where we spent three of those days in the camper watching rain turn our camp into a small pond and the lightly used road out of camp into a river/swamp. I had about 200 yards of swamp road to tackle to get me back on the main road.

I threw the Truck Claws on the rear tires put it in 4 low and was gratefully surprised at how well these Claws found the bottom and kept me and my trailer moving. I was able to focus on keeping the trailer off the trees while the Claws kept me consistently pushing forward. I’m sure I would have been stuck without these on. There were two spots where I sank to the frame and the trailer tires were completely submerged. The Tracks kept digging in and popping me out. All in all, I made it to the main road and home with
no digging, no jacking, and very little effort. My tires dug up two 200 lb. or so small boulders and the Tracks stayed on tight and kept throwing mud and moving me forward. These Tracks will always be in my truck’s toolbox. You never know about a product until you actually get to use them in these nerve-racking situations. I was able to, and they saved me hours if not days of digging and wiggling my truck and trailer out of the cold mud.

Ready to add truckclaws to your emergency kit? Don't get caught in the snow without them!