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Introducing TruckClaws, the ultimate vehicle traction aid that turns your truck into a unstoppable force of nature.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Mike Curry owned an ultimate 4 X 4 truck, and thought he would never get stuck. However, a blizzard struck and left him stranded in 3 feet of snow on the top of a mountain in his home in West Virginia. He called for a tow truck, but he was told that it would take at least a week before someone could get to him. Mike tried to find something on the internet that would solve his problem, but no such thing existed. With four miles to safety, a 30 inch track board wasn’t going to cut it.

Hopeless, Powerless & Afraid

Mike felt hopeless, powerless and afraid, but he was determined to find a solution. He kept looking at his tires spinning but going nowhere, and he realized that the key was to harness the power of his tires. He went to his workshop and started making a prototype he thought might work. After a few disappointments, he finally came up with a design that worked and freed his truck from the snow. He drove four miles down the mountain, pushing through three feet of snow. He was amazed at the success.

Two years of design, testing and due diligence

Mike knew right away that this invention could help others to safety as well, and he immediately went to work. Two years of design, rigorous testing, and due diligence have gone into producing this life-saving self-recovery tool. Mike knew that snow wasn’t the only treacherous weather hazard, so he developed the product to be effective for mud, ice, and sand as well. He obtained design and utility patents, and brought TruckClaws to the marketplace. TruckClaws is now sold worldwide.


Awards and Accolades

TruckClaws has received many awards and we are proud of the accomplishments. However, the most meaningful accolades we receive are from product users who contact us to tell us that TruckClaws saved their life from a dangerous and critical situation. This was always the goal: to save stranded travelers!

It wasn’t easy, but it has been worthwhile and rewarding.

Unstuck, unmatched, unbeatable

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