Extender Bars for TruckClaws II™ Traction Aid


Get 10 more inches of traction with your TruckClaws™ II Traction Aid kit. Each Extender bar kit comes with two 10″ Extender Bars to maximize tire traction and help you claw your way out of deep mud or sand. Extender bars easily slip into the TruckClaws™ II Traction Aid for fast and simple installation.

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TruckClaws II Extender Bar Install


Your TruckClaws II Extender Bar Combo Kit will include Extender bar instructions in the package. This information can also be downloaded using the button below.

How To Use Extender Bars

Extender bars are useful when you are really stuck and need additional grip. If your truck is dug in very deep and essentially stuck on high center, extender bars can also help get you out. Laying a log, tree limb, or piece of lumber parallel to the tire and then having the extender bar come down on it slowly, can lift your vehicle out.  Extender bars are intended for use when stuck in deep mud or even sand. We do not recommend use in the snow as it is possible that the extender bar can come loose from the cleat and get lost in deep snow! We strongly advise ONLY using extender bars on your rear drive wheels so there are no issues with clearance. To use your extender bars you simply slide them into the traction cleat until they are stopped by the pre-installed set screw. Always attempt recovery without the extender bars first. This will make sure everything is tightened properly and set correctly before sliding the Extender bars into position.

Extender Bar Install
Extender Bar Installed

Extender Bar Use Video

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 6 in