Emergency Tire Traction Aid
Get Your Truck Unstuck

The traction aid that will get your truck out of Snow, Ice, Mud and Sand!

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Ice Road TruckerTruckClaws™ are a patented, all-season truck traction aid to help drivers get unstuck, saving them time and the expense of tow truck services. Simple to use and easy to install, TruckClaws™ feature a traction cleat that attaches to a drive tire on the rear of a vehicle with a customized reinforced strap and heavy-duty ratchet. It takes less than 60 seconds to install each claw.

TruckClaws can free a truck stuck in mud, snow, ice, and sand and may be installed over tire chains but also works great without them. You can even add multiple TruckClaws™ to each tire for even more traction! Other traction products are made of plastic or rubber and often only good for one or two uses. TruckClaws™ are made of high-quality materials making them one of the best traction aids available due to their effectiveness and their reusability.

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Pickup Trucks, SUVs, RVs

There are several versions of our Traction Aid Kits available: TruckClaws™ for commercial trucks and farm equipment. TruckClaws II™ for light trucks, pickups, SUVs, RVs and more. TruckClaws II™ Extender Bar Combo Kit which includes a set of TruckClaws II with Extender bars for even more increased traction. Looking for add-ons and accessories? Visit our Accessories page.

Click below to see TruckClaws™ for Commercial Trucks with a GVW rating of 35,000 LBS or higher. Add more kits for more power!

Commercial Vehicles



This model of TruckClaws™ is made of heavy duty strength steel and is for commercial use only and is not intended for use on passenger vehicles including pickup trucks. Vehicles with a GVW rating of 30,000lbs or higher should use the commercial version. Multiple kits can be added for even more traction.




TruckClaws II™ is the Emergency Tire Traction Aid of choice for Light Duty Trucks, Pickups, RV and SUV Owners. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, this traction aid is tough enough to get you out of most situations and can be used over and over again. For really tough situations we suggest installing our extender bars included in this kit.  Multiple TruckClaws II™ kits can be installed on your vehicle for even more traction and can even be installed over conventional tire chains and snow chains. Get your truck unstuck from snow, ice, mud and sand!