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Traction Aid for Trucks, SUVs and Commercial Vehicles

TruckClaws Vehicle Traction Aid

TruckClaws Vehicle Traction Aid: One Device Can Move a Whole Parking Lot

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TruckClaws vehicle traction aids are the best device for getting your truck unstuck from mud, ice, sand or snow. They can be purchased online or through any of our hundreds of dealers around the world. Our thousands of satisfied customers include consumers, major corporations such as Wegmans, Frito Lay, Pepsi, AT&T, as well as workers in the sand covered oil fields in the Middle East. TruckClaws have won many design and innovation and usefulness.

TruckClaws commercial traction aid keeps big rigs moving

TruckClaws Good Samaritan Replacement Program


TruckClaws was born out of a desire to help others. We get a lot of amazing stories from our users who have used their set of TruckClaws to help a distressed motorist in need. If you use your set of TruckClaws to help someone get unstuck, and you damage any part of your rescue kit in the process, we will issue a Good Samaritan replacement!

Award Winning Design!

Our Truck Recovery Kits have been recognized worldwide for their innovation and effectiveness.



I call it Detained, not Stuck. Put 1 set of Truck Claws on rear and was able to back out of this. Turned around and left. Ended up using then again in more snow. Got out again. Wish I had chains with me but didn't. Later in the day I got hung up on a rock (bad road), put em on again to get off it. Then I left them on until I got thru that canyon. Just letting you know, even a 1 time use is worth the money sometimes. I ordered 2 more sets of ratchets/straps today. I ordered a set of the steel Commercial claws. I'll let you know how that works out. There is a place for these in each of our vehicles. I consider them a requirement.
December 4, 2022
These Truck Claws are awesome! I came across these this summer and figured I would give them a try. We live in Northern Colorado where you can get three feet of snow or three days of rain. It wasn’t Colorado where the Truck Claws proved themselves. Instead, it was way back in the Gila National Forest in New Mexico. I had about 200 yards of swamp road to tackle to get me back on the main road. I threw the Truck Claws on the rear tires put it in 4 low and was gratefully surprised at how well these Claws found the bottom and kept me and my trailer moving. You never know about a product until you actually get to use them in these nerve-racking situations.
December 7, 2022

thousands of satisfied customers!

Our users range from corporate fleets to weekend warriors.

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TruckClaws Vehicle Traction Aid

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