TruckClaws™ Commercial Truck Kit – Emergency Tire Traction Aid


TruckClaws™ Commercial kits are made of heavy-duty steel and are for commercial vehicles with a GVW rating of 30k lbs or higher. Multiple kits can be added for even more traction. Two kits (four claws) are recommended for very large loads. This kit includes two claws, three ratchets, three straps, and one carry bag. The extra ratchet and strap are to be kept on hand as a spare. For lighter vehicles such as pickup trucks and SUVs, purchase TruckClaws II instead.

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Save Time and Money

If you are tired of expensive wrecker trucks and hours of downtime, TruckClaws should be standard equipment on your Big Rig. TruckClaws™ Commercial are made of high grade carbon steel making them a durable, reusable and powerful traction aid that can get your large truck unstuck from snow, ice, sand or mud fast and safely. TruckClaws are easy to install and can be installed after you get stuck. You can even install TruckClaws™ over conventional snow and tire chains. 

Commercial Truck Traction Aid

Everything You Need

Each kit comes with two “Claws”, three 48″ 16,000 LB rated straps, three large steel ratchets and a carrying case. The third ratchet and strap is just a spare. For very large loads, multiple TruckClaws devices can be installed on each wheel to increase traction. Always consult our instructions for proper and safe usage and always watch your wheel clearances. If you are looking for a solution for light duty trucks, Pick Up Trucks, SUVs and RVs, check out our TruckClaws II™ Tire Traction aid kits. 

TruckClaws Commercial Truck Traction Aid Kit

Wide Vehicle Compatibility

TruckClaws Commercial kits work on a wide variety of large trucks typically with a gross vehicle weight rating of 30,000lbs or more. For anything less than that our TruckClaws II product is quite effective at a lower cost. Below is a list of some of the vehicle types that TruckClaws Commercial work great with.

  • Long Haulers
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Tow Trucks
  • Timber trucks
  • Stake body trucks
  • Box trucks
  • Oil Rigs
  • Utility trucks
  • Septic Trucks
  • Farm trucks
  • Livestock haulers
  • Large RVs

Wheel Clearance

TruckClaws Require 2.5 Inches or 6.4 Centimeters of wheel Clearance to operate. Additionally if there is a brake caliper behind the wheel there must be clearance to thread the strap. Almost all vehicles meet this requirement but there are exceptions. You can either measure your wheel clearance prior to purchase, or buy a set and test them out. We offer a 30 Day return policy in the event TruckClaws do not fit your vehicle. If you are unsure if you have enough clearance we advise measuring your clearance and going slow when you test them out. Remember to follow the installation directions included with your kit. Remember that depending on your load at the time clearances can change. Vehivle loads impact wheel clearance so always test your vehicle for proper clearance at the time of use since and go slowly.

Wheel Clearance TruckClaws

Strap Clearance

TruckClaws require an opening in your rim to insert the strap. If you only have small holes in your rims the strap can be curled to thread it through the wheel.  Do not install the TruckClaws Strap over or next to the tire’s air valve stem. In some rare cases there is only one hole in the rim which happens to be where the air valve stem is also. In this scenario please contact us first to try and fabricate a custom solution for your vehicle as pictured here.

Installation & Warranty

Please review installation options below. Your TruckClaws II kit will include instructions and warranty information in the package. This information can also be downloaded using the button below.

TruckClaws Commercial Recommended Single Kit Install

All Wheel Drive and Rear Wheel Drive Vehicles

A single TruckClaws Commercial kit comes with everything you need to install on both your left and right drive wheels. We recommend installing on the rear drive wheels so you are able to turn your steering wheel during recovery, without having to worry about the reduction in clearance caused by this action. Commercial vehicles can vary greatly so always test first and go slow.

Commercial Truck Recovery Kit

TruckClaws Commercial Recommended Two Kit Install

All Wheel Drive and Rear Wheel Drive Vehicles

If you purchase two TruckClaws Commercial kits you will have 4 traction aid devices. When installing on both all wheel drive and rear wheel drive vehicles we recommend installing both kits on the rear wheel drive tires in roughly the 9 O’clock and 2 O’clock position as pictured below.  Having two claws installed on each of the rear wheels will increase traction as you will grab twice as often per rotation.  We recommend installing on the rear wheels so you are able to turn your steering wheel during vehicle recovery, without having to worry about the reduction in clearance caused by this action. 

TruckClaws Commercial Heavy Duty Truck Recovery

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 9 in


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TruckClaws™ Commercial Truck Kit – Emergency Tire Traction Aid