How to Use

TruckClaws to Get Unstuck From The Mud

Finding yourself with a vehicle stuck in mud can transform a delightful journey into a stress-filled ordeal. That moment when you feel your vehicle sinking can be quite intimidating. However, there’s no need to worry. With TruckClaws at your side—a dynamic traction aid designed for such challenges—you’re well-equipped to handle these tricky scenarios smoothly. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps to efficiently free your vehicle from the grip of mud using TruckClaws, turning a potentially frustrating experience into a manageable, even empowering, one.

Understanding TruckClaws

TruckClaws II Emergency Traction Aid

TruckClaws are a unique vehicle traction aid designed for light trucks and SUVs up to 30,000 lbs. Comprising a sturdy strap and a metal traction cleat, TruckClaws work by providing extra grip when your vehicle’s tires can’t get enough traction on their own.

Preparation is Key

Truckclaws, much like other traction aids, are highly portable and easily stored in a vehicle recovery kit

Before diving into the task of liberating your vehicle, it’s important to prepare by assembling the required tools. Ensure you have your TruckClaws kit at the ready, complete with its essential traction cleats and straps. Additionally, having a shovel and gloves within reach could prove invaluable for the job ahead.

Step by Step Guide to Using TruckClaws

Evaluate the Situation: Start by sizing up the predicament your vehicle finds itself in. Inspect how deeply your tires have sunk into the mud and gauge the severity of the situation. This initial assessment is crucial for planning your strategy effectively.

Set Up Your TruckClaws: Open up your TruckClaws kit, which includes two traction cleats and two straps. Before proceeding, ensure everything is in pristine condition and ready for use.

Fitting the TruckClaws: Wrap the strap around the tire, aligning it with the center of the tire’s tread. Thread one end of the strap through the ratchet located on the tire’s exterior, pulling snugly. Attach the traction cleat beneath the tire, oriented for maximum traction, and secure it by ratcheting the strap until firm.

Inspect Your Setup: Before you proceed, give the TruckClaws a thorough inspection to confirm they’re securely attached. The cleat should rest flush against the tire tread, and the straps need to be taut.

Time to Test: Ignite your vehicle and carefully press on the accelerator. The tires will begin to rotate, with the TruckClaws’ cleats gripping the mud to provide that essential extra traction needed for escape.

Pause for a Check: As your vehicle starts moving, pause to reassess the TruckClaws. They should remain tightly fastened. If not, secure them once more before continuing.

Escape the Mud: With the TruckClaws firmly in place, slowly increase your speed again. The added grip they provide should enable you to maneuver your vehicle out of the mud smoothly.

Post-Escape Care: After successfully freeing your vehicle, find a safe spot to remove the TruckClaws. Clean them off thoroughly, removing all mud and debris. Inspect for any wear or damage before packing them away, ready for the next adventure.

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