Stuck In

Serious Mud With A Class C RV

Thanks, Mr. Chang for This Awesome Review!

So there I was, trying to find a boondocking spot near the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area in Wyoming. It had been raining on/off since yesterday. We’re in a Class C Motorhome, built on a Ford E450 Superduty Chassis.

The forest road we had to use to get to our planned boondocking spot seemed OK at first, but it quickly got squirrely, I could feel loss of traction on the dually tires.

No room to turn around, and dragging a trailer with my sidecar motorcycle on it, so options are limited.
So of course, I reached curve before a small hill and got stuck! Bad.
After some effort, I unloaded the motorcycle and disconnected the trailer and with greater effort managed to move it to the side with the sidecar motorcycle acting as a tow vehicle. This was really thick, sticky mud! The kind of mud that sticks to everything and is slicker than snot.

I then broke out my recently purchased Truckclaws II kit and got one truckclaw mounted on each of the outer dually tires.

Wow, it was amazing the traction the Truckclaws gave my motorhome. Had to do a bit of rocking but then gunned the rig backwards and it moved steadily out of the deep mud pit I’d created and onto somewhat drier ground!

Then, it was time to drive the rig forward, again through the deep mud that was the road, turn and drive her steadily back onto graveled road! It was amazing the traction the truckclaws provided!

My wife and I are very happy with the truckclaws and will make sure to “spread the word” to fellow boondockers and others who drive the roads less taken!

Thanks for a great product. It saved us a towing/winching fee that would have cost us over $1000, probably more. It also gives me, as a boondocker, the now proven ability to self-recover when my rig gets into a similar situation!

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