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Find the right Truck Recovery Solution for your vehicle.

We offer Truck Recovery in two Primary Classes of Trucks

TruckClaws Commercial

This model of TruckClaws™ is made of heavy duty strength steel and is for commercial use only and is NOT intended for use on passenger vehicles. Semi-trailers, commercial farm equipment, propane trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks and other trucks with a GVW rating of 30,000lbs or higher should use this commercial version. Multiple kits can be added for even more traction. Works in snow, ice, mud, and sand.

TruckClaws II For Light Trucks

TruckClaws II are made of aircraft grade aluminum for light duty trucks, pickups, RVs and SUVs.  Multiple TruckClaws II kits can be installed on your vehicle for even more traction and can even be installed over conventional tire chains and snow chains. TruckClaws II can also be used on buses, light farm equipment and even ATVs. Get your truck unstuck from snow, ice, mud and sand!

Specialized Kits

TruckClaws II with Extender Bars

For really tough situations we suggest installing our extender bars included in this kit. Extender bars giver you added grip in Mud and Sand. If your vehicle is dug in so deep it is bottomed out, laying a tree or branch next to your drive wheel will allow the extender bar to lift your vehicle out.

TruckClaws II Offroad Kit

TruckClaws are an EMERGENCY Traction aid. They are not meant to be used everyday, they are meant to get you unstuck when you are in a bind. If you are intentionally heading offroad in situations you will get stuck frequently you need more traction cleats and more straps. This kit is designed for that purpose.

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