Truck Recovery Tips and Tricks

We would like to share some truck recovery tips and tricks for those of you who may not have purchased a set of TruckClaws. In fact, if you’ve landed here, there’s a good chance you haven’t made the investment. No judgment! Please read on. TruckClaws were born out of necessity, and we have a heart for helping people.

There are a multitude of tricks out there to get your vehicle unstuck from snow, mud, ice, sand or snow. Some folks can get by with one or two tricks. Others may need to know a few more, depending on the type of vehicle, vehicle weight, location, what you are stuck in and how deep are all major factors.

TruckClaws are a fantastic stand-alone emergency traction aid as well as a wonderful addition to your existing truck recovery kit. While TruckClaws are reliable, reusable, and versatile, every vehicle recovery situation is unique. Additionally, how you use your TruckClaws can make all the difference. This article is intended to help you understand how to use TruckClaws, safely and effectively.

The most important tip when using TruckClaws is safety! Whenever you install TruckClaws, you must make sure they are installed properly according to the included instructions. First and foremost, make sure you have proper wheel clearance so as not to cause damage to your vehicle. Our warranty covers our product but not your vehicle! If you are reckless, or cause damage to your vehicle due to improper use of TruckClaws, we will not be held responsible. 

It is important not to strap TruckClaws on and slam on the accelerator. When TruckClaws grab, they bite hard, so you must start slowly. TruckClaws are NOT intended to be driven on for long distances either. Their purpose is to get you unstuck, and to be removed immediately. Always make sure no one is standing near your wheels when using TruckClaws, so flying debris cannot injure anyone.

Your TruckClaws must be installed on your drive wheels so they can grab and move your vehicle forward. If you install Truckclaws on a front-wheel-drive vehicle, you must be sure to keep the steering wheel straight or you risk reducing your wheel clearance. 

Different vehicle load weights and scenarios will produce different results, so sometimes you need to think creatively when using TruckClaws. Here are some tips you can try in different scenarios.

When getting unstuck from “sugar sand” (fine grain, dry sand), moisture can help. It sometimes helps to pour water in front of the tires where TruckClaws are installed to aid the traction cleats and to gain forward momentum. Many of our customers find themselves stuck at the beach where they have plenty of access to water! But some of our customers find themselves stuck out on a desert in the Midwest or near an oil field in the Middle East. In these scenarios, bring extra water on your trip in case you need to try this trick out.

When dealing with loose gravel, you might find your TruckClaws just moving the loose gravel out from the tires. Trying tossing a bundle of sticks or straw in front of your tires to help the traction cleat grab first to get the forward momentum going. Some customers have reported filling the bag that came with their TruckClaws kit with sand or dirt and attaching it to the traction cleat for more grab! 

If buried deep in mud to the point where your truck frame is on high center, try laying a log or stump adjacent to your wheel and use our extender bars to lift your vehicle out. If you are headed somewhere that might not have logs or limbs laying around put a 2×4 in your truck before going out on your adventure!

If you have tire chains feel free to use them. Tire chains are meant to prevent you from getting stuck where TruckClaws are meant to be installed after you get stuck. If you still get stuck with the chains installed, you can install TruckClaws over them to get unstuck! While TruckClaws are meant to get you out after you get stuck, if you are approaching a situation that looks like you are very likely to get stuck, you can install TruckClaws to get past that situation. Just remember to remove them right after, as they are not intended to be driven on for long distances.

If you often head off-road and find yourself stuck frequently, consider purchasing our Off-road kit which includes more traction cleats and extra straps. More cleats installed on each tire mean more traction!

Some customers report their strap being over-tightened and having to cut the strap. Do not cut the strap! Driving too far on your TruckClaws can cause the cleat to move and potentially cinch down on the strap. If you feel you need to use TruckClaws over a longer distance you need to get out of your vehicle and check they are still installed properly every 75 feet or so. If you find that your ratchet is over-tightened on the strap you can still release it. Open the handle of the ratchet and tap the release mechanism on the side of the handle. If it seems too tight to do by hand, simply tap the release with a rock and it should pop free. 

These are just a few tips and tricks that can help you get unstuck. TruckClaws have saved some of our customers from life-threatening situations where a little ingenuity went a long way. With TruckClaws in your vehicle at all times, you have yet another tool in your arsenal to combat the dangers of being stranded. If you find yourself stuck in a scenario in which you are not sure the best way to use your TruckClaws, pick up the phone and call us immediately using our toll-free number 1-844-362-5297.