How do TruckClaws compare to other traction aid devices?

No one wants to imagine being in a tough situation. But if we never give it our time, we won’t be able to prepare. In this quick article, we’ll lay out some options for you and show you why purchasing a TruckClaws kit is the best decision you can make for yourself, your family, and your property.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been stuck before. Maybe you’ve heard someone’s story or maybe you just know that day could still be ahead for you. Some of us have hobbies, jobs, or lifestyles that make getting stuck in the mud or snow more likely. And what will you do when that day arrives?

If you’re like most people, you probably have a few tricks up your sleeve. We’ve all heard ideas of how to get out of sticky situations. Everyone’s friend or story telling uncle has a tip about how he heroically survived when he got stuck in the snow or mud, and how you should act when it happens to you.


Unfortunately, we’ve had to digest a file cabinet of ideas to keep a mental list ready in case of emergency. One tire stuck in the mud? Try your floor mat to gain traction, right? And what about snow? Luckily, you knew this would happen so you already have chains on your tires, right? So with all of these DIY tricks, why would you need something like TruckClaws?

Until now, the list went on and on. And in every scenario, only one factor is sure — you never know which one of these things will happen. Will you slide off the road in the rain? Will your snow chains be insufficient? Will you just go one inch too far off track while you’re out driving for sport? If you have TruckClaws, that’s OK!
With TruckClaws, you don’t have to know what’s coming. Since you don’t put them on ahead of time, there’s no need to try and predict every possible scenario. TruckClaws are installed only in the event that you are in need. And even better, they work in every situation!

Already stuck? Perfect. You install TruckClaws right on the spot to get to safety in a matter of minutes. And when you’re out there on your own, TruckClaws are so simple to use, having a helper isn’t necessary. You won’t need a bag of kitty litter in your trunk, you won’t need an assistant to rock the car while you push.
Even if you find yourself much deeper than your imagination has taken you, the extender bars will still help you get your bearings again. Imagine taking those muddy areas without worry. Imagine feeling safe and secure when you have your family in the truck. TruckClaws can help you regain that confidence.

Safe and Sound

On top of the security and adventure you can bring back to your life with TruckClaws, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that you’re going to save money. This is especially true for those of us who find ourselves in these situations more often.

Do you live in a soggy zone? Do you get a lot of snow in those parts? The price of one rescue tow will wipe away the investment in your basic TruckClaws package. If you own a business, the time and energy you will save getting yourself unstuck will be worth it after only one use.


If the security and finances aren’t enough to keep you content, think about the time factor again. We’ve all heard the saying, “time is money,” but we don’t get the true feel of it until it happens. Loss of productivity is a problem for any business. If your business revolves around being mobile, getting stuck can be a true destroyer.


But for others, it’s not just business that makes them tick. Maybe you think that even if you do get stuck, you can call a tow and everything will be OK. In many cases, that’s true. But if that happens in the middle of the night, how long do you want to wait on the side of the road? What about if you have passengers, like children? Does your mother have a set of TruckClaws in her vehicle?

When you have TruckClaws in your vehicle, you can feel sure-footed knowing that in so many unexpected situations, you can have your family safely back on the road in minutes, not hours. And in a true emergency, tow trucks can’t always get the job done. They could be overbooked or it may be unsafe for them to come to your vehicle at their own peril.

Whether it’s getting to the meeting on time, getting off of that isolated trail or field, or getting the kids home from Grandma’s, you can count on TruckClaws to have your back. No need to depend on a tow when you’re already the hero!

TruckClaws will scratch through your transportation worries for business and life. Most people only need to buy one kit because it can be used again and again. But if you play hard and find you need more, you can double up for tough jobs, get accessories and replacements, or step it up to our commercial grade kit right on this website.

Our specialists are only a phone call or an email away so you can feel supported. Businesses are using TruckClaws for their fleets, they are perfect for farms, in sport, and for your personal confidence.

Go ahead and take that trip, make that move, or start that business. TruckClaws is the answer to your needs when it comes to getting unstuck. Save money and save time now. You can never turn back the clock when it comes to an emergency.