TruckClaws Saves a Life: Stopping a Tanker Truck From Going Over a Cliff

From Steve, Crude Oil Hauler in the Rocky Mountains

I’ll share two experiences about these life savers, because they are incredibly versatile. Besides, just one experience doesn’t seem like adequate praise.

My first experience with TruckClaws was a dire one, but ended with me and other drivers being in complete awe. We were in a snow and ice storm in a very rough mountain pass. I pulled up to a truck, and the driver was on the edge of a 150 foot drop, and slowly sliding closer. His tire chains were not giving enough traction; so I pulled out my TruckClaws out of the bag. Within minutes we  had them on, and 1000% they saved that company’s truck. Had it not been for TruckClaws, that truck and a set of Rocky Mountain double trailers would have gone over the cliff, resulting in a massive clean up bill.

Getting an oil tanker out of an icy parking lot with TruckClaws Commercial

The second experience was far less frightening. After a few storms the snow plows had plowed the snow in front of our trucks. The lot was covered in hard pack ice; everyone else had to be pulled out or put chains on their trucks. While everyone was out fighting their chains and tow lines, I slipped on my TruckClaws and was out of the lot and back to making money in minutes.

So, regardless of the size of the situation, these things are a must have. They are now required equipment for any truck I drive; I even bought a set for my pickup. They are worth every penny, and the customer service is top notch. TruckClaws is an incredible company with a show stopping product! I am buying these as gifts for everyone I know.

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